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Today after class I met LeeAnn for the first time (to those in the know I'm sure you understand the significance of this first contact).  I have to say I was pretty nervous about this first meeting, but I think it went pretty ok *pats self on back*.

The plan was to meet at Fahrenheit 88, go shopping at Uniqlo and then meet mum and dad for dinner at KLCC. At Uniqlo I got another bra top and LeeAnn got a maxi dress, I have the same dress but in red hehehe. It was raining and I wanted dad to meet us at Pavilion. However as they were already in KLCC to do their own shopping, we had to battle our way through wind and rain to get to KLCC. As neither of us had an umbrella, we both got some cheap umbrellas from Guardian, I got a pink one and she got a blue one, gosh I don't know how many of these cheap umbrellas I already have but I think we both look pretty cute with them =p

When we got to KLCC, we went to the Uniqlo there as well to look for something. One of the staff saw me and it went something like this:

Male Staff: That's an entire outfit from Uniqlo right?
Me: yes yes it is =p
Male Staff: How do you like the bra tops?
Me: I like them a lot, they are really convenient!!
Male Staff: In that case we are having a sale right now...
Me: Ah... I've already bought some

But seriously these bra tops from Uniqlo are totally awesome! I wish they had more bra top dresses, I regret now not just getting all 3 designs when they had them @_@

We went for dinner at Yuzu a japanese restaurant and Chiueh, Erika and Meg joined us a bit later. Meg was absolutely adorable and even talked to Che Che LeeAnn ("Auntie LeeAnn" was very definitely squashed by LeeAnn hehehe), I think the dinner went quite well if I do say so myself, I mean how could it not with such gorgeous people as us, just take a look at this 3 shot:

As for the the story of the lost dog, now that was pretty amazing, Eu Geen's dog Maggie that she had newly adopted went missing on Monday after running out of the house. The guard at the gated housing estate next to Eu Geen's house said that while Maggie was sitting outside the house waiting to be let back in a girl in a car scooped Maggie up and drove off. Eu Geen had called SPCA and checked the pound but Maggie was no where to be found. Today, she went to the vet to put up a "lost dog" poster and there was a "Found poster" of Maggie!!

The girl who scooped Maggie up had thought she was lost or whatever, but I guess by the time Eu Geen called her she had already given Maggie to the SPCA. So Eu Geen called me all excited yelling "I found her!! I found Maggie!!", that's quite amazing right? Though I did spend a fortune in sending out sms to people to keep an eye out for Maggie hahaha. But alls well ends well.


The increasingly frequent high pitch whining whirring sound coming from both my desk top and external HD coupled with the fact that every time the computer shut down it took nearly an hour to boot up again was a sign that a massive disaster was in the making. So Saturday armed with a specs list compiled by Kin Yan, an email by Seng and my DVD burner salvaged from my computer for reuse, I braved Low Yat by myself to get a new computer.  The shop guy assured me I could get my computer with the required specs at a lower price then estimated in my list. 
Everything went along pretty smoothly probably because as the shop guy was explaining things to me and going "understand" I just told him "No but keep going anyway". We did have a bit of disagreement when I insisted that I wanted 2TB of HD space and he insisted 1TB was enough I could always add it on later. I was like "I'm to lazy to bother about fixing another one in later just put in another TB!!". Once we had settled all the specs he told me it would take a couple of hours to assemble everything so I wandered off to Sg Wang. 

As I was hanging out at the anime shop in Sg Wang I got a call from the computer shop "Ms Lim can you please come back we have encountered a problem". I went dashing back to Low Yat only to find out the problem was my old dvd burner could not be connected to the new mother board because it was to old, it was IDE and the motherboard was Sata *waves hand*. One of the other shop guys told me "we look for another motherboard that has sata and IDE" and opened up one and was telling me that that one IDE and his other colleague came over and they started having a very lively discussion in front of me about whether the motherboard actually IDE or not... I was like "stop stop!! How much is a new dvd burner" when I was told that it would only costs RM66 for a new burner I was like "God just put in a new one, you could have told me this over the phone instead of making me come all the way here!!". I mean come on... when you hear "we have encountered a problem" you don't expect one that can be solved so easily...

After everything had been fixed, I lugged the CPU from Low Yat to Lot 10... boy that thing was heavy!! Any fool who stood in my way was probably going to get flatten so I had 0 maneuvering ability. Once I got the computer home, transferred everything from the external HD over, the plan was then to hook the old computer back up, transfer everything over to the external HD and from there into the new computer.

That's when disaster struck... the old computer refused to boot. Not only did it refuse to boot it made a high pitched siren type sound... so there I was fiddling with the innards of the computer trying to figure out what was wrong when I jammed my finger into the computer fan gah! I should be grateful the damn thing was made from plastic I suppose. That's about when I gave it a couple of solid punches and gave up.

On Sunday, Hon Yau kindly came over to my place and miracles of miracles he managed to get the old computer to boot up. First what we did was hook the old dvd burner back to the computer, when in doubt apparently the rule is to return everything back to its 'original' condition =p It still didn't work and we figured the best bet was to remove the external HD and hook it up to my new computer.

The mission of getting the old computer to boot up became a do or die mission when we discovered that my new computer didn't have the suitable ports, wires, whatchacallem to connect the old HD the new computer. So Hon Yau yanked out stuff, re-plug in stuff and we left for an  hour and it after that voila it booted up! I immediately moved copied everything out and just in the nick of time as I was shutting it down, the siren like sound came on again... Phew... computer disaster of astronomical disaster averted!!

So now I'm sitting pretty with my new computer with 2TB of space, let the fun begin!


Truly A Classical Tragedy...

Today started out pretty uneventful and was the last Sunday in Eu Geen and my "Go to the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (aka MPO) every Sunday for 4 weeks in a row" this happened because the MPO was having a mid-season subscription offer with quite a good discount on tickets. It was only after we had bought it that the concerts were for 4 Sundays in a row haha. But it was really good, there was Mozart, Jean Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, some Haydn... The concert today; "The Viennese Piano" was particularly good especially the pianist. We had seats where we could see him playing and wow... just wow... he made it seem so effortless!! And he was also the conductor!! Did it all with no score. Definitely mind blowing.

It was after the concert that things turned into a comedic tragedy. Before the concert, Eu Geen and I had done some last minute shopping for our Japan trip. We couldn't bring all the bags in so we checked it in at the coat counter. The plan was right after the concert we would make a dash to Wangsa Walk to get a bag-pack for me from F.O.S and then Eu Geen had to rush back home for a family dinner. However, in our dash to Wangsa Walk we totally forgot our shopping and left it at the MPO!! I only realised it when we were walking through Wangsa Walk to F.O.S. Talk about the most efficient shopping we had ever done, we were in and out of there with the bag-pack in under 10 minutes.

Then as we were dashing to the car to do an F1 back to KLCC the sole of my shoe come undone gah... We made it back to KLCC in record time and I used Eu Geen shoes which were nearly impossible to move at any speed to run up to the MPO. I finally found our stuff at the security desk and since I had been doing the 100 metre dash up stairs I was gasping for breath and the cute guard who was there asked "Ma'am are you alright?". I told him I had made it all the way back to Wangsa Maju before realising I had left my shopping at the MPO. He told me at least Wangsa Maju was still not to far and "please walk slowly now ok Ma'am" hahaha.

You would think after that everything would be find right?! But noooo... there was something wrong with our car park ticket even though we had paid the machine at the exit gave a message that payment was required!! Maybe we should have grabbed the receipt that the machine had spat out at us... So we had to back up from the exit and I had to make another dash to the car park management office. I told the guy "We already paid but I don't care I'll pay again i just want to get out of here!!!" hahaha.

Let's hope we have used up our stash of 'bad luck' at one go then we will have a smooth trip to Japan!!

On Friday I celebrated 32 years of causing havoc on earth =p Eu Geen and I were both on leave, the plan was for us to  apply for our visa at the Japan embassy and then celebrate my birthday ^_^. Read more... BirthdayCollapse )

Arashi Collection - *updated*

So I decided to do up a master post of my arashi collection, this is still a work in progress though as I continue to 'grow' it =p Read more... Arashi goodiesCollapse )

Same old Christmas but I like it that way~

Christmas has come and gone and it was the same enjoyable time as the past years. On Christmas Eve, there was dinner at Erika's house where there was good food, great company and oh a not too sober man with a knife ;-)

There was quite a lot of food, like bacon sausages, samosas, turkey, beef *waves hand* and Erika made chocolate honey cake. The cake was rich but the chocolate was nicely contrasted with the honey. Sad to say my infamous low alcohol tolerance reared its head meaning that half a shot of vodka and lychee liquor was enough to keep me in the happy land. Well not like the man with the knife was any better hehehe.

This time Eu Geen and I stayed until it was time to open presents. The kids were surprisingly a little bit more restraint then last year haha. Ben was really happy with all his Ben 10 presents, he was running around wearing his Ben 10 watch and bag. I got some pretty cool stuff, Eu Geen gave me a Nell figure from Bleach and Elaine gave me a 1001 recipes cookbook. I have flipped through it and tagged out some recipes I want to try already. 1001 possible disasters waiting to happen!!

On Christmas day itself, I had lunch with Irvinder who is back for a couple of weeks from Sandakan (she got posted there). I thought Sandakan would be a major town but... it doesn't even have a bookstore!! When I asked Irvinder what she wanted to have for lunch she was like "Anything, chain restaurant food also can!!" apparently there is no McD at Sandakan either. Ok no McD that is still acceptable but no bookstore?! My mind boggles...

I took her to Hajime for japanese food and we both had the Ladies set which is basically a sampler set of a little everything like sashimi, fried chicken, salad, sushi and more. It was a pretty filling meal plus it came with ice cream ^_^ After we were done, because we were sitting in quite a quiet, secluded corner, we went to the counter to pay. I was intending to pay but Irvinder beat me to it and she was dragging me away from the counter going "Merry Christmas Hui Ling" while I was like "Wait wait!! I have a coupon!! I have a coupon!!" I'm sure the cashier was pretty bemused by us =p.

Of locked drawers and detergent water

Ever had one of those weeks where things just go wrong, sometimes in strange ways? I had an important cheque what ended up locked in a drawer when person in charge forgot the keys, drank water that tasted of detergent, had a traumatic visit to the dentist and returned to work on Tuesday to find out my colleague had forgot to complete an important task despite instructions left...

Last week for work, I needed a cheque and sent off to one of our lawyers. The target was for the cheque to be collected on Thursday. On Wednesday I received the necessary approval and went to see the 'accounts' department and was told by guy in charge that he couldn't issue the cheque because I hadn't gotten approval for accounting debiting requirement. Ok... I waited for the big boss to come back and went to see him to get my approval, big boss told me what to do and declared that accounting guy "should already know all this". Fortunately big boss was a bit busy so accounting guy escaped with me passing on the message.

On Thursday, bright and early I went to see accounting guy to get the cheque and he told me the cheque was locked in the drawer and he had forgotten the keys. I asked where the spare keys were and the spare keys were locked in the file storage room. Guess where the key to the file storage room was? Yes in said locked drawer. I mean is this genius planning or what? I nearly went apocalyptic!! By the time he managed to get the drawer open and give me the cheque it was already evening and not possible to pass it to the lawyer. Fortunately after much phone calling and panicking, everything managed to get sorted out... If not maybe accounting guy would be buried somewhere already.

Then last Saturday, Eu Geen and I went to Comic Fiesta 2009 at Sunway Pyramid Convention centre after which we went to Pasta Zanmai for lunch, I ordered the set that comes with a pasta and rice I had the mini salmon pasta and mini yakiniku rice with an egg it was delicious. We also a choc banana parfait. The disaster was at the beginning of the meal when we ordered plain water... which tasted of detergent. Eu Geen took a mouthful first, after that I tasted my, I had 2 mouthfuls so I can definitely guarantee it was detergeny. We took a look at each other and promptly ordered their fruit tea =p hmm I wonder if that is a marketing tactic. But after that... for the rest of the day whenever I drank water I would suddenly feel that I had the detergent taste in my mouth ugh...

Then on Monday as I was on leave, I went to see the dentist because I had what I thought was a cavity which turned out to be... yes another cracked tooth, a molar no less. I had to have it capped and the dentist gave me a jab. In my mind I was not supposed to feel any pain but when he started cleaning and what not I was like "HOLY CRAP!!" ok it probably wasn't agonizing pain... more like sensitive type but... Talk about traumatising, well ok don't know which is more traumatising, the pain or the damage to the wallet!!

I went back to work on Tuesday, I discovered that my colleague had not completed an urgent task despite the fact that I had left 2 email reminders AFTER giving him verbal instructions. His excuse? "I forgot", I spent the entire morning just trying to get everything sorted out. I was just wondering whether anything else could go wrong with my week when dad called to say a parcel had arrived for me and he was going to go collect it from the post office.

That was certainly enough to perk me up!! It was my christmas present from Keppy, the devil rubber ducky definitely cheered me up. And when dad saw the box of chocolates he was "I think we should have some chocolate do you want to eat chocolate?" hahah. Of course the thing I like the most is the autographed nemu-nemu comic. Very cute slice of life web comic, everyone should check it out, its where my Anpan hat is from ;-)

Well, I'm just glad I got through last week and looking forward to a fuss free present loaded christmas!!


Night Beach Wedding


Last Saturday, I attended my friend D's beach side wedding at Avillion, Port Dickson. It was certainly different as I had never been to beach wedding before. I hitched a ride with Subash and we had to fight our way through flood and storm to get to our destination.  We took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up by the sea side and there was this guy fishing in the storm!! We however managed to make it to our destination in one piece though for most of the way we were like "I see clear skies" before running right into the storm hahah

The ceremony was supposed to start at 6PM, by the time we reached there after plowing our way through a very pissy mother nature it was 6.15PM and the rain had slowed to a drizzle. That too soon stopped and the hotel started setting up everything again on the beach. It was meant to be a sunset ceremony but it turned into a moon lit affair. I did manage to get a sunset shot though =p The only good thing about the rain was the sand was wet and packed down so there was none flying about to get into our shoes and into the food. At my table (before Ben and wife arrived) it was only me and Subash with 4 other guys who were doctors. I think there was quite a bit of doctor talk going on between them that sort of flew over my head.

It was a buffet style dinner and they had spaghetti which was “rolled” up nicely into this oblong balls, I realized my deadly mistake when I heaved one onto my plate. It was a LOT of spaghetti, if I wasn’t taking anything else I still wouldn't be able to finish it!! When I got back to the table I was like “you guys are going to help me right?!” One of the doctor guys gallantly offered to help and took some though I don’t think the other 3 were too impressed hehehe. Then when my gallant spaghetti killing knight in shining armour went off to get food he told me if I wanted to I could just leave more on his plate. I certainly couldn’t refuse such a generous offer so thanks to him I was able to enjoy more slipper crab and dessert. Though when he came back he was like "You took the whole thing?! That's enough to knit a sweater!!" Yup... me genius

Ah other then my knight in shining armour, there was also Justin who reads quite a number of the same authors I do ^_^ it was certainly interesting talking to him. It's not often I find someone who has read Diana Wynne Jones or knows about Garth Nix.

Oh yeah, the party favours were salt and pepper shakers in this small boxes. I just love the boxes cause they would be perfect for storing items!! I ended up with 5 of them and as I was clutching them saying good bye to D, he was like "I know this is going to happen already!!" Well D has attended enough weddings with me to know me haha. Actually I only had 2 because I had to put Ben's back when they arrived. But knight in shining armour and Justin both gave me theirs (I made an amusing sight taking the extras and having to put them again when Ben arrived) and the other 2 didn't take theirs so I took one and Ben's wife took the other.

The Big Bad Wolf

The Big Bad Wolf book sale is currently in progress at Amcorp Mall, yesterday was the first day and in brilliant tactical move worthy of any military genius I sent my parents ahead on a scouting mission and also to get the hardcover cook books such as Gordon Ramsay which was going at RM20 each. Sadly to say they were early casualties in the book wars. They managed to get the cookbooks that Eu Geen and I wanted, however in a serious error, dad paid for the cook books because they were too heavy went out to dump them into the car and came back only to discover that the line to get back was long with an estimated waiting time of an hour. The line to pay was also extremely long so mum dumped her books and retreated from the field. It then took them 40 minutes to get out of the car park!! Also yesterday, after work, I made a heroic dash to catch the 6pm bus from the office so I could do a quick reconnaissance of the area.

The book sale opens at 10 A.M, however today with all the advance intelligence obtained and extreme case of kiasuness, Eu Geen and I arrived at Amcorp Mall at 8.40 A.M and parked at the open car park right next to the exit. We then went and sat at the Starbucks and waited for it to open at 9 A.M. However, we were not the only ones with this brilliant idea!! We got our breakfast and were outside the hall by 9.10 A.M about an hour before the start of the sale and we were not the first in line!! Half an hour before the hall opened the line was stretching all the way back!!

Once the doors open of course there were the usual 'heroes' who tried to cut the line but the auntie in front of us scolded them and the employee manning the entrance also told them to get into line. Eu Geen and I had actually brought bags to use figuring it would be easier to handle than boxes. I managed to fill up my bag in less than 15 minutes and was forced to go get a box hehe. I also realised the bag was pretty dangerous because people plowing through with their boxes would snag my bag and the next thing I know I'd be dragged backwards going 'GAH!!'. There were some helpful people too, there I was a bag full of books on my shoulder balancing a box with one hand and grasping to reach a book when this uncle reached over and helped me take it kekeke.

We grabbed so many books Eu Geen and I had to leave our boxes at the reservation counter before we dived back in to look for more more books =p We met one of our friends Kevin there and when he saw me with just my bag he asked me if that was all I had gotten. After I told him I already left one box behind the counter he gave me a very serious and concerned look and said "How are you going to get that box from the counter to the cashier?" hahah I was like I'll figure it out when the time comes. Apparently he asked Eu Geen the same thing when she told she had a box behind the counter and she gave him the same answer.

After we had finished shopping, the nice staffer helped us to push the books to the car in a trolley then we went to McD for lunch. We were there at like around 11.45 AM and the lunch deals only start at noon so we told the counter guy we were going to sit down and wait for 12 kekeke. But we did buy an ice cream sundae first =p  I have to say I got a pretty good haul, about 40 books for myself though they don't look a lot piled up o_o

But this has been a good week indeed!! Not only did I get a huge haul of books, 3 of my packages of Arashi good also arrived!! I'm pretty psyched about it especially the limited editions cd which came with everything including the obi!! Plus the prices were quite good. Also the All or Nothing DVD, the seller had said it was just the dvd but the little booklet was nicely in the casing ^_^ still have to sit down and watch it to find out what it is hahah


Cake, raw fish and a little storm!!

So today being Eu Geen's birthday we had delicious cake and raw fish, not together of course keke. To celebrate I ordered a mini Chocolate Guinness Cake with cream cheese icing from the
Sugarfaerie Bake Shop, I was told that it would be enough only for 2 people but it turned to be a bit bigger then the 'mini' I had in mind haha.

Since today there were only 6 of us in class, we had the candle blowing and cake cutting ceremony during our lesson break. I think everyone like the cake and our teacher was very impressed that Erika had made it, while Eu Geen was cutting the cake she kept commenting that it smelt very nice ^o^ the cake was of course delicious!! I think the size is just perfect to give to someone for a small celebration.

After class, we walked around a bit, then we went to this Japanese restaurant in Pavilion called Kampachi for dinner. They had a varied selection but we went for the soba and chirashizushi set. The set came with chirashizushi which in this case was raw sashimi on rice, hot soba, prawn tempura, cawan mushi and fruits. Oddly enough... I was not able to finish my rice @_@ They also had an interesting selection of tea and we plonked on Kaga gold leaf tea which was green tea with gold flakes inside. The waiter recommended it as being good for the skin. He even opened the pot to show us that there was indeed gold flakes inside well more like flecks... I wouldn't mind going there just to order their different teas though!!






And of course, what post would be complete without a mention of the beloved stormy 5? Since I moved office, I've changed my shipping address to Eu Geen's dad's office =p In my daily stalking of the je_sales site, I found a seller who had the 2004 24 hour t-shirt designed by Ohno for sale, needless to say I didn't think twice about it getting it. I also got the How's it Going pamphlet since it has their recorded voices on it kya~ Needless to say, when that seller put up more stuff for sale I ordered more... it was limited edition cds what was I supposed to do!? @_@ I think Eu Geen's aunt who is receiving the packages will be wondering how much I'm buying ^_^;;;